The Tower of Rust

Tower of rust

The Tower of Rust

A locked up mind is an intimidating tower of rust. It’s an immense tragedy for the owner. The locked up mind is full to the brim with yesterday’s facts and positions on issues. It is barred and bolted from within, and padlocked from without. Today, fresh wisdom gently knocks on its gates and it responds, I knew it all since yesterday. It runs full throttle backwards into obsolescence. What a disaster!

A locked up mind has a close kin. In fact, the next of kin, it is a mind that’s open to everything. A door that’s forever locked and one that’s forever opened are equally useless; a door is a door when it’s opened when it ought to, and tightly shut when the occasion demands it. Guide the door to your heart, for out of it are the issues of life!

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