About me

Creative designer, writer & talker

Ayobami Oke is a bundle of gifts to humanity.

He is a gentle soft spoken gentleman born in Ibadan Nigeria. An avid believer in a God of all possibilities, he challenges the traditional norms. “”Why is this so?, Can’t this be done better?” are regular questions he asks. He has a repulsion for passively following the crowd. He acts from pure conviction, nothing less.

His interests cut across a wide spectrum. Ayo Oke is a master of many trades. He had a short successful academic stint; his classmates and teachers can attest to a curious mind with an intelligence at a cutting edge. He attended St. Michael’s School, Oyo, Oritamefa Baptist School, Ibadan, Federal Government College Ogbomoso, Federal University of Technology Akure and Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife, Nigeria.

A skillfull orator, humourist and writer. He once broadcast jokes live every Friday on a national radio station. A lively clean-lipped humourous speaker. Ayo Oke is ordained to bring smiles to people’s faces. He has been instrumental in livening up many occassions: weddings, birthdays, formal and informal gatherings.

Creativity oozes from every pore of Ayobami Oke. A world class graphic designer with clients across continents, a photographer of repute and a skillful writer, he daily strives for excellence. His experience at computer programming combined with his artistic bend makes web design and management his major means of income. He founded Digitalwox Limited in 1996. The company’s strength is at the intersection of computers and artistic creativity: web design, animation, graphic design, printing and digital photography.

He is musically talented. He listens to good music and sings lead and tenor in a choir. Ayo plays no musical instrument well, he may nod his head to good rhythm but dances very badly. No to be candid, ”dancing badly” is untruthful, he dances horribly.

Ayo Oke is an avid believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. He’s far from perfect ; he’s work in progress in the hands of His creator. He daily adds values to himself and seeks for success that transcends time. He is actively involved in adding value to the coming generation. This he does through training and mentoring; assisting younger ones in discovering their talents and inculcating in them values that will shoot them beyond the stars.

A dedicated family man; a husband and a father. He is married to Temitope and blessed with two daughters: Toluwalase and Subomi.